I welcome you to my website and invite you to learn more about me.


I am blessed with a happy life.

I love writing and being able to express myself through this art. I call writing an art and, therefore, claim to be an artist. However, it is true that not many support my claim. The website has a few of my writings. One can learn more about me through my writings. Read them if you have the time and the patience to verify my claim. Read them even if my claim does not matter. 


Manager, Analytics Consulting

LatentView Analytics Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.

I joined Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. at their Chennai office in 2007 after receiving an engineering degree from ANITS, Visakhapatnam. I was trained in Java, and over the span of next four years, I worked in multiple projects in Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore. In July 2011, I joined Headstrong Corporation (now GENPACT – Headstrong Capital Markets, after being acquired by GENPACT) to work as a consultant at a major US based Investment Bank.

In Jun 2012, I got selected into IIM Trichy which was one of the newer institutes of the  prestigious IIM (Indian Institute of Management) brand. I received my Post Graduate Diploma in Management with focus on Finance and Management of Information Systems in March 2014.

In April 2014, I joined LatentView Analytics Pvt. Ltd in Chennai. I have been part of multiple analytics projects and the experience has helped me improve my understanding of managing people, talent, processes and innovation.